Day 2 Antigen test Return to UK

Day 2 Antigen Test Return to UK (England only)- £35.00

Starting from 24th October 2021, if you are fully vaccinated against COVID at least 14 days prior entry to the UK (England only)- under the UK, Europe or US vaccination program, you can use a lateral flow test -LFT (also known as an antigen test) for your day 2 test.

Croyland Pharmacy can now offer this service in advance of your planned travel for peace of mind on return. The last thing you need whilst away is to worry about sourcing a Day 2 test last minute or waiting at the airport after your return to test.

If you are not fully vaccinated- this test is NOT suitable, it is mandatory for you to use the Day 2 and 8 PCR tests instead. Please see look our page for Day 2 and 8 PCR tests

We strongly recommend you purchase the test kit BEFORE DEPARTURE FROM UK and register before you travel back to the UK.

If would like to know more about the Rules for entering the UK the Department for Health has produced a handy guide.

The Day 2 kits are sold for use at home on your return to the UK and each LFT will have a unique barcode that upon registration will release your unique Identifier for the Passenger Locator Form which is required to be completed for return to UK. 

Croyland Pharmacy partners with Agilis health- who supplies all our kits and are on UK approved travel test providers.

Easy steps to follow:

1) Purchase kit from pharmacy before you travel- you can come in store to purchase.

2) Register the kit as per instruction on the Agilis Health website-

3) Await your passenger locator form reference number- usually sent 15 to 20 mins after registering the kit

4) Using your UK passenger locator form reference- complete the UK passenger locator form within 48 hrs prior to departure to UK. Click here for UK passenger locator to complete prior to return to UK

5) Once you return to UK- please book an appointment to have your test supervised in store.

6) Results and certificate issued within 10 mins following supervision. If any positive result- you will need to book an PCR test through the NHS.

Frequently asked questions:

1) What does "Fully Vaccinated" mean?

  • You can prove you have received a full dose of an approved vaccine at least 14 days before arriving.
  • Or, you’re aged 18 or under and resident in the UK or a country or territory that has approved proof of vaccination.
  • Or, you’re taking part in an approved vaccine trial.
  • You have not been in a red list country in 10 days before you arrive.

2) Do children require an Day 2 test?

  • Children aged 5 yrs are required under current rules to perform a Day 2 test.

3)  I am already aboard and forgot about booking a Day 2 test?

  • We can assist you by sending the details of kit to register by email once payment made to the pharmacy by phone.