Day 5 Test to Release PCR Testing

Day 5 Test to Release PCR Testing

COVID Day 5 Test to Release PCR test

Price: £120

Just arrived back in the UK from an Amber list country? Chances are you may need to quarantine for 10 days so as to ensure you do not import COVID into the UK. We all know how hard lockdown was, and in many situations, the new 10-day quarantine may not be practical. Step forward to the “Test to Release” Scheme.

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The premise of the scheme is simple. Arriving in the UK from an Amber List Country then you must isolate and quarantine for 10 days but to avoid a lengthy quarantine period you can take an additional test on Day 5, and once the result is received back you are free to leave quarantine.

If you just left a Red List country (or transitted through on in the last 10 days) then you must by law book into a dedicated quarantine hotel and you cannot use the Test to Release Scheme.

If on the other hand, you haven’t transmitted through or stayed in a red list country during the last 10 days then you’re entitled to use the test to release scheme.

How does Test to Release work?

Simply put all travellers entering the UK from an Amber list country must undertake Day 2 and Day 8 tests and no traveller can leave quarantine before Day 10 unless ……. you opt into the test to release scheme where you can take an additional test no earlier than day 5. If the result of the test is negative you may exit your quarantine early. Full scheme details can be found on the .gov website.

How much does the test to release test cost?

The price of the test is £120. We currently use the gold standard RT-PCR test. This is a laboratory test with results usually back the next day.

If I am in quarantine, how do I get tested?

Government guidelines permit you to leave the house to attend a testing centre and to post a test kit. You may choose to buy your test kit pre-departure ready for your return, or you may choose to visit one of our centres on Day 5 of your return to the UK. Either way, if you choose to use the COVID test to release scheme you must declare this on your Passenger locator form.